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eclecticmuses's Journal

Eclectic Muses
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The way it works:

1. This is not a first come first serve community. Every Sunday applications will open up for all available muses. You have until Friday at midnight pacific time to submit your applications for each muse you desire. On Friday, the mods will go through every application. On Friday the list of accepted muses will be posted. If your application is declined and your muse is still available you are more than welcome to redo your application and apply again. If you are rejected and your muse is not available you are more than welcome to apply for a different muse.

2. There will be a new topics post posted the first day of every month. You are to answer at least one challenge each month in order to keep your muse. We will be checking so don't break this rule.

3. You are limited to three muses per fandom initially. Angel/Buffy is considered one fandom. Spider-man is considered one fandom. It doesn't matter if there are comics, movies, ect. Only one muse will exist. However, once you've had a muse in a specific fandom active for two months you may apply for one more. No duplicate muses will be permitted in rp or as members of the community. Members who violate this rule will be warned once and removed on the second offense. There is no limit on how many muses you have as long as you only have three per fandom and you keep up with the one challenge per month response. Original Characters are accepted and the limit of original characters in each fandom is two per writer. That means you can have three canon and up to two original characters in each fandom. After a long period of activity you may apply for more muses in a fandom and each application will be handled on a case by case basis.

4. If we have to remove one or more of your muses for inactivity, you will not be permitted to apply for any new muse for one month. If you constantly pick up and drop muses to the point that the mods believe it has become a habit, we will put a one month hold on new muse applications from you.

5. Every month the new topics will be posted in eclecticmuses. If you answer that topic comment to the post with a link to the post in your journal. Make sure you add your post to your memories too. This helps us to be able to keep track of how current you are with the topic responses.

6. Role play is encouraged, but not required. We are not here to babysit you. If a thread or post will be above a rating of PG-13 please label it as such. If you feel like you are being harassed please let the mods know by emailing us with appropriate links so we can address the problem. Basically play nice kids and play with official muses only.

7. This is a drama free zone. The mods want to have a good time and we want you to have a good time. That means we will not tolerate people who do not treat others as they wish to be treated. It's the golden rule boys and girls.

8. All mod decisions are final. If you do not agree with us then you are more than welcome to create your own community. Include "Save the cheerleader" as the subject of your application so that we know you have read the rules.

9. This community is inspired by theatrical_muse but we are not affiliated with them or their rules.

The moderators reserve the right to decline any application.

Mods: eclecticmods email: eclecticmods@gmail.com

Ashy: gabrieldavis email: gabrieldavis@livejournal.com
Hannah: sniperbooth email: sniperbooth@livejournal.com

The OOC community is located here: eclectic_ooc

To see the list of taken muses check here.
To apply for a muse check here.